September Show and Tell

October 2016 Show and Tell

We’re break from our summer break and ready to kick off another solid season of Show and Tells. Hey did you know this is our (Nintendo) 64th event!?

This month will feature a presentation from Rectangles organizer Justin Dempsey. After working in games for a number of years, with a recent stint into VR/AR development, Justin has learned a lesson or two that he’d like to share. In particular, lessons about failure and the benefits of accepting, welcoming and preparing for it.

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April Show and Tell

April 2015 Show and Tell

This month, with a heavy pixel-heart, we will be saying “so long” to Rectangles co-founder and Ottawa game dev folk hero Eric McQuiggan as he and his family pack up for Southern Ontario. But we refuse to make this a somber event! Join us as we take a look back at the life and times of Eric McQuiggan and the mark he has undeniably left on games in Ottawa. We’ll share stories, look at a few games, and raise a glass to a fellow developer and friend.

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